More about me

As a consultant I bring the best of two worlds to you and your organization:

  • My background in science combined with my experience in business,
  • My broad and deep knowledge combined with my openness and flexibility,
  • My analytical mind combined with my open heart.

From science to consulting

As a leadership consultant I focus on mindset and emotional intelligence because I’m convinced that strong leadership and real change always start inside. It’s the way we think and feel, the way we approach challenges and the people around us that determine our effectiveness and success.  

I’m a passionate reader and fascinated by research about neuroplasticity. I’ll be forever grateful to my biology teacher whose passion for the subject was contagious and made me choose human biology instead of sinology at university. 

After four years in research I wanted to broaden my perspectives again and joined McKinsey as a top management consultant. The richness in different industries, countries, organizations and topics was amazing. Most enjoyable for me were the deep connections with clients, who continued scheduling telephone coffees with me long after projects finished, discussing their leadership challenges and personal development (and family issues and books and …).  

With my focus shifting from analytical problem-solving to more human-centered leadership skills and with my growing family, I decided to leave McKinsey and become a self-employed leadership consultant. Looking back, this was one of the best career decisions I’ve made, honoring even more deeply my two core values: freedom and contribution.

I live in Bonn, Germany, with my husband and our four children. I love hiking, spending time at the German and Baltic Seas, and cooking simple and ambitious menus.