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Dr. Karolin Helbig

Leadership Consultant for more impact and joy

Today, it’s vital to develop our inner skills to meet the challenges ahead. Leaders, in particular, need heightened awareness and empathy to navigate change more skillfully. That’s exactly what I support you with. The results? Reduced stress, increased productivity, and a greater sense of connection.

Areas of expertise

I support my clients in reaching a new level of leadership effectiveness and creating workplaces where all can thrive. I bring to you a deep expertise in specific areas, and provide you with science-based insights and practical real-life tools.Reach out to me if you look for inspiring events tailored to your needs addressing topics such as:

new mindset

From stress to success:

How can we navigate the chaos with more resilience and focus?

New Work:

How can we create new ways of collaborating and shape the future of work?

Emotional intelligence:

How can we navigate emotions more skillfully and take smarter decisions?

Growth mindset:

How can we develop the inner agility to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth?


Psychological safety:

How can we cultivate high-performing teams where everyone feels invited to contribute fully?

Mindful communication:

How can we refine our communication to be both clear and empathetic, to resolve conflicts and build trust?

Train your brain:

What can we learn from neuroscience to enhance our leadership?

The power of now:

How can we shift from autopilot to awareness and super-charge our attention?



Every organization is unique and every team has specific needs. We explore together what would be most helpful fo you and your team. Based on our discussion I develop high-impact services customized for you. Whatever services you choose, you’ll get specific actions and applicable tools that really make a difference in everyday leadership.


Engaging and insightful learning sessions for groups and teams of any size

Leadership programs

Programs that cover the whole range of relevant leadership skills: leading yourself, leading your team, and leading your organization.

Team coaching

Team learning journeys empowering them to overcome their challenges and grow into their potential together.


Energizing interactive keynotes for your large-scale events.

Certification program

Become a certified Psychological Safety Playbook facilitator

Are you a facilitator, consultant, coach, or leader who is passionate about psychological safety? Would you like to become more skillful in leading psychological safety workshops?

Now you can learn and receive a certification from the authors of The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human.


Client story: The transformational power of a growth mindset

My client, a prominent German DAX company, aimed to improve their feedback culture, transitioning from formal annual meetings to agile feedback throughout the year, quick, specific, and peer-to-peer. However, their noble intentions led to unintended consequences: Instead of fostering shared learning, misunderstandings and conflicts arose.

What to do? A team in the innovation department hired me for support and over the course of several months we focused on developing the mindset required for the new feedback culture: What characterizes a growth mindset and how can we cultivate it within ourselves and others? How do we overcome our fear of failure and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth?

Following our months-long mindset project, transforming the feedback culture was effortless. The client team now viewed feedback as a true gift accelerating their learning and development. As one team member said, „Giving and receiving feedback became a habit like brushing your teeths“.

I’m delighted to see that participants of this project have evolved into enthusiastic advocates of the growth mindset concept continuing to lead workshops on this impactful topic within their company to this day.

About me

Dr. Karolin Helbig

I’m a scientist by training with a broad experience in business and consulting. What’s driving me is my commitment to highest-quality service and my passion for my clients‘ inner development.


I bring to you a unique constellation of experiences, skills, and personality:

  • My extensive consulting experience based on my many years as a top management consultant with McKinsey and a track record of successful client projects
  • My background as a scientist with a PhD in human genetics
  • My profound knowledge about emotional intelligence as a certified “Search Inside Yourself” (SIY) teacher
  • My deep personal mindfulness practice – I practice what I preach

I care for my clients and collaborate with you in a way that is:

  • Co-creative and encouraging
  • Maximizing the value you get for your investment


Depending on the topic and the size of the project I’m collaborating with a network of trusted and experienced colleagues.

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Let's get in touch and explore how you might...

  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Empower your team to tackle challenges more effectively
  • Spark your organization with fresh insights

I’m looking forward to receiving your message and to exploring together how I might support you on your journey from surviving to thriving.